Peony's pregnancy is confirmed and she is getting bigger every day :-)

Puppies due last week of August 2014!



HCh Sangarah Purity / Peony



Pl JunCh Copper's Gypsy Rose / Muffin



Third generation of Sangarah Irish Setters


Finding the suitable stud dog for my special girl has been a challenge. Many sleepless nights with headache but also invaluable help from great people near and far made it possible to find the dog who meets my high requirements.


Besides health and type of course, I had been looking for a dog not overdone in any way just balanced in proportion with a straight topline and correct croup. However, this dog is too young to have many champion titles today, it doesn’t make him less than outstanding. Some earlier I could touch him in real and watched his movement at a show and he proved to be a quality dog looking just as great as on the photos. Kind but active boy wagging his correctly carried tail all day long, also beautiful colour and gleaming coat, although it was a rainy day.


Despite all his great features, my main reason to use him and his bloodline is his dam Copper's Wine'n Roses. A bitch I adore since I first saw her as a junior and followed her bright carreer with interest. It would take long lines here to explain why I find her top class and unique. In short, she is pretty close to the breed standard and the picture of an ideal Irish Setter from every respect.

Muffin’s sire is not less important, the also well known Int ShCh Copper's Magiska Under, proven sire of many quality offspring all over the continent and UK, a topwinning show dog making his breeder and owner very happy.


Muffin is a stunning combination of his parents, and I am getting more excited every day when I imagine the beauty of our future puppies.

I hope everything will go fine in the whelping room and we will have the luck factor which is always needed when it comes to breeding!



If you may be interested in this combination, feel free to email me!!


Marta Magi 





Pl JunCh
Copper's Gypsy Rose

FCI Hip Score - A
Elbows - A

PRA (rcd4) Clear

CIE Copper's Magiska Under
FCI Hip Score - A
2CC's, 2 Res CC's

Dubliner Tiger Woods Asoftwind Of The Golden Vale
Dubliner Imagine
Sh Ch Copper's Magical Bubble Sh Ch Caskeys Concept At Aoibheanne JW
Balintyne Copper's Home N Dry

HJCh, RoJCh Copper's Wine'n Roses
FCI Hip Score - A, Elbows - A
1CC, 1 Res CC

Copper's Bubble Power Sh Ch Caskeys Concept At Aoibheanne JW
Balintyne Copper's Home N Dry
Lynwood Kiss 'N' Tell Copper's Copper's Bubblande Glad
Balintyne Copper's Home N Dry


Hun Ch
Sangarah Purity

FCI Hip Score - A
Elbows - A

PRA (rcd4) Carrier

Sh Ch Kerryfair Snow Fox JW
KC/BVA Hip Score 3:3

Reddins Oban
KC/BVA Hip Score 2:2
Reddins Nolan - KC/BVA Hip Score 5:5
Redding Alice
Sh Ch Outfoxed by Kerryfair JW Sh Ch Caskeys Concept At Aoibheanne JW
Ir Sh Ch Wendover Hero

HJCh, HCh Sangarah Conspiration
FCI Hip Score - A,
Elbows - A

Sh Ch Caskeys Concept
At Aoibheanne JW
Caskeys Persuader From Amberlight
Sh Ch Dunnygask Ginger Spice At Caskeys
CIE Shandwick Obsession Sh Ch Scotselaw Jackson At Lynwood JW
Shandwick Reason To Believe

Muffin & Peony together :-)







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