I am Marta Magi, I live in Hungary. My insistence on dogs came out clear to everybody since I was a little child.

I have had Irish Setters since 1992. My first bitch - Caren - I got her from my father when I was 12 years old. Although she was not really successful at shows I committed myself to love this marvellous breed for my whole life thanks to her charming personality.



In 1995 a dream came true when I purchased a very promising dog puppy from Miss Emese Boros. Ch Berboss Highlander - Benga for short was choosen by myself hoping of winning at shows. I have lived through the most unforgettable moments of my life with this great dog inside and out the ring as well. When his unexpected early death took place just aged six the whole world collepsed in me. It took nearly 4 years getting ready for love another dog.

It was never suggested that I wanted only Irish Setter however I wanted something special, something different and new. As a result of a long time searching of my new puppy I finally found Sarah, officially known as Shandwick Obsession, in England. She came and brought shine back in life for me in 2005.


I could wish for no better bitch to live with, and start a kennel I had been dreaming of since ever. Sarah's litter by the also English ShCh Caskeys Concept At Aoibheanne JW produced 5 pups in 2008, and Sangarah Kennel has been established. Have kept a boy Sangarah Copyright - Bono, and a girl Sangarah Conspiration - Burnie from this special combination. They both doing well at shows and enojoy working on the fields, but most important they are my dreams come true and make me pleased, happy and proud each day ... gold characters.

In 2011, Burnie had a lovely litter by the also English ShCh Kerryfair Snow Fox JW, and produced our two new family members, Sangarah Poser / Ryan became European Junior Winner 2012 and sister Sangarah Purity / Peony already Hungarian Champion and Club Winner of Croatia. But first of all they are the type I like and try to keep up in my future breeding...




These days we are very excited about our coming litter. My little girl Peony is pregnant and expects a litter by Pl JCh Copper's Gypsy Rose end of August 2014.

Fingers crossed ...







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