Date of birth: 28th December, 2008.
(3 dogs + 2 bitches)


We had our first litter out of our UK import CIE Shandwick Obsession / Sarah. It was worth the long drive to England and mate her to ShCh Caskeys Concept At Aoibheanne JW / Louis. The well considered decision brought success and gave us five little beauties.

Time just flies when you are overjoyed having babies at home, the day to leave the nest came so quickly. Always happy to get reports and photos of them, lovely to know they are all kept as much treasured family members.
Thank you to the new owners!

A boy and a girl stayed :-)
Sangarah Copyright / Bono
Sangarah Cockridge / Bruno
Sangarah Crackerjack / Cracker
Sangarah Conspiration / Burnie
Sangarah Composure / Summer

Sh Ch Caskeys Concept
At Aoibheanne JW

KC/BVA Hip Score 3:5
Caskeys Persuader
From Amberlight
Sh Ch & Ir Sh Ch
Amberlight Firecracker
Sh Ch Caskeys Blarney
Candouney Bermuda Rose From Amberlight
Caskeys Sandpiper Dnalwen Crystal Rummer
Sh Ch Caskeys Humming Bird
Sh Ch Dunnygask Ginger
At Caskeys
Sh Ch Thendara Kennedy Sh Ch Thendara Okay Yaa
Bardonhill Bikini
Dunnygask Artemis Sh Ch Reddins Ferdinand
Sh Ch Dunnygask New Dawn
Int ShCh Shandwick Obsession

FCI Hip Score - A,
Elbows - A
Sh Ch Scotselaw Jackson
At Lynwood JW
Sh Ch Konanakakela Zagar
By Romarne
Sh Ch Reddins Ferdinand
Sh Ch Andana Jemimah
Scotselaw Hollywood Madam Titiandale They All Laughed At Bardonhill
Thendara Diana At Scotselaw
Shandwick Reason To Believe Sh Ch Shandwick Amethyst
At Ferndel
Sh Ch Caspians Intrepid
Withersdale Chrystal Maze At Shandwick
Bardonhill Wishuwerere Sh Ch Thendara The Tourist
Bardonhill Snow Joke





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