Trip to England    

Sorry for having kept all of you waiting for this report, but I couldn’t find enough time to collect the best photos of the more hundred I took during the week we spent in England last October. I had such a splendid time there, as usual, visiting two Championship Shows, some friends, and Sarah’s family of course :-)

Actually the main reason of my travelling was to take a good look at and touch Louie once again before making the final decision of using him on my sweet girl.



I was also very excited about how Louie’s children mature, so I couldn’t wait to see Jane’s youngsters Lynwood Field Of Dreams JW „Woody” and Lynwood Follow Your Dreams JW „Bliss” at the Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show. I had been charmed by both of them.


Sarah’s daddy Connor hadn’t been entered to any of the shows we visited, so we drove to Jane’s house in Wales to look him up at home next day…..I can say it was worth it :-)


To crown it all, my greatest experience was yet to come when we went to Pat’s house and visited Sarah’s mum Grace, and her wonderful puppy girl Ruby or officially called Shandwick Inspiration.


Ruby is half-sister to Sarah as they have the same mom, but Ruby is sired by Louie. That is why I couldn’t miss to see her, as I was very interested in how these bloodlines suit to each other. I fell for her at once so much that I wanted to take her home with us immediately. She looked so well-balanced in temperament as well as in appearance, and she moved very well in spite of the fact she was a little puppy yet. After a few minutes I knew that Louie would be the best choice possible for Sarah.


Now I honestly do hope our litter will produce some lovely pups like Ruby is :-)


A couple of days later I met my friends again at the North East of England ISC Championship Show. That day gave Louie another opportunity to prove his show potential, as he gave his best and looked the worthy winner again.



After the show in the afternoon we drove to the beautiful Hartlepool Marina to take a look at and touch :-) the North Sea. Me and my friends had a great time at the seaside. Thank you guys for being so kind and joined me for all that long journey to England!!


Last but not least I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to my dear friend Melinda

 for taking care of my mischief-makers Sarah & Pici at home during the week I was away.

(Pici is Sarah’s best friend who will be introduced on this site soon)

I missed them so much, but I knew they were in the best place possible!


Now I am looking forward to visiting Crufts where I will be able to meet Pat, Jane, Eva and the others again, and also some people who I have made friends with by e-mails, although have not met them personally yet. I can’t wait it!! :-)





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