Date of birth  
Probably about the 17-07-2005

Sex  Bitch (spayed)

Sire & Dam  who knows?

Owner  Marta Magi

She is our

Pici the mixture shakes up the gang each day. God knows what breeds she is mixed of, but certainly comes from some terrier lines. She looks rather funny trying to be the pack leader in spite of she is the smallest one.

She joined us in November 2006. She enticed us during a very cold evening walk with Sarah, I just couldn't leave her on the street, lucky girl. They looked about the same age then, so we decided both would have the same birthday :-) She has become the best companion we could wish for Sarah, and she also worked well as a careful nanny of our puppies... still cleans them every day :-)
Ones you meet her she makes you laugh, our lives wouldn't be the real thing without her.






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