Date of birth  07-09-1992
Sex  Bitch

Sire  Fürkész Mester Ariel
Dam  Pincezugi-Vörösvillám Romy

Breeder  Mr László Rucskai

Caren was my first Irish, she was my tireless childhood playmate. I got her from my father when I was 12 years old and this was the breed that I choose. Since I was always crazy about dogs I spent every waking minute with my nose in books about dogs. I was always partial to this breed and any book and article that talked about Irish Setters always caught my eye.

I fell in love with this breed because of it's lovelyness, intelligence and last but not least it's beauty. I spent all my free time with Caren, she learned very quickly, we were very attached to each other, she had a wonderful affect on other people as well. Although she wasn't very successful at shows, it was through her that I became familiary with this fabulous breed and from then on my fate was sealed.

I'm forever grateful!!




Fürkész Mester Ariel Pozsonykerti Apród Tövisrózsakerti Jámbor
Vörös-Vadász Aliz
Csörgetói-Red Aszta Red Manrico Nonstop
Gemenc-Parti Aliz
Pincezugi-Vörösvillám Romy Tövisrózsakerti Ipse Tövisrózsakerti Ubul
Tövisrózsakerti Patricia
Filkóházi Aida Annaligeti Bridge
Maszudi Alexandra



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